July 4, 2013 

romantic grass of the week is bolboschoenus fliviatilis (or scirpus fluviatilis) river bulrush. its a common shallow water sedge// has a bristly bud.. River Bulrush is a zone hardy plant that has medicinal uses - the medicinal usage rating of River Bulrush is 1This plant was ranked 11th in a survey of 250 potential antifertility plants in China[218].

Scirpus fluviatilis is a non flowering plant which is pollinated by Wind.

The plant has an edibility rating of 2The stems are peeled and eaten[177]. Root - raw or cooked. The roots form tubers at intervals along their length and new plants are formed from these tubers. When first formed, the tubers are white and starchy with a sweet coconut-milk flavour, they become black and woody with age[193]. Tubers can be up to 3 centimeters in diameter[193]. #bushfood