Feb 5, 2015





Sida Rhombifolia - (Queensland Hemp) - Join the campaign to keep this a native, it is being classified as a weed because of the secret properties I am gonna tell u about. The pounded leaves are used to relieve swelling, the fruits are used to relieve headache, the mucilage is used as an emollient, and the root is used to treat rheumatism (Parrotta 2001). Australian Aborigines use the herb to treat diarrhea. Leaves are smoked in Mexico and a tea is prepared in India for the stimulation it provides. It is really easy to identify coz of its straggly appearance. After the first 6 months the leaves start getting smaller and sparser. Leaves are shaped like arrows and the yellow flower is an easy identifier. The stalks grow up from low on ground. Its shrubby doesnt grow much more than 1.5m but is about 1m wide. We have a lot growing in our yard and there's a few on the Beenleigh line. We have one drying in our house, if you come visit, ask us to make a tea "-)