June 5, 2014


romantic grass of the week: brought to u by a foreign fountain grass pennisetum setaceum and a native swamp fountain grass cenchrus purparascens. the native likes moist areas in tropical and subtropical wet sclerophyll forests, dry sclerophyll forests, Brigalow forests, tropical and subtropical sub-humid woodlands, and temperate sub-humid woodlands in qld and nsw, with south australia and victoria got it on warning invasion list. the african fountain grass likes the dry, they both change color thru seasons,and arch and have purple flowerheads, and are translucent.. u need a magnifying glass to see the difference in the flowers.. some sceptics think cencrus purparascens isnt native.. first two with the wallabies is the african grass.

can compare with Imperata cylindrica (also has this fountain like flower. but much different blade. )