Sep 8, 2014







romantic grass of the week: dianella caerulla (blue flax-lilly) this isnt actually a grass but looks like one when its not fruiting and flowering. the leaves are blade like 75cm long 5m wide straight or toothed.. 1/3 in sheath. sheath folds back on itself. perennial herb, tufted and solitary or matt forming.. fibrous big rhizome root. blue star shaped flowers exceed foliage making the plant up to 1m high 3-25 flowered. can tolerate damp but prefers dry. purple berries are edible ‪#‎bushfood‬ Dianella is the diminutive of Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting and queen of the woods and the original sp. was found in the woods of a French province; caerulea from Latin caeruleus, the deep blue of the Mediterranean sky at midday, referring to the colour of the berries. Caelum is Latin for sky, and is pronounced ky-lom, so presumably caerulea is pronounced ky-roo-lee-a (if you wish to pronounce it properly in Latin