Feb 9, 2016




Empodisma minus (Spreading Rope Rush) - endemic to Australia and NZ. from Restionacae family of rushes whose leaves are reduced to open sheaths on stem. the Empodisma has a slightly reflexed tip 1-6mm long. spikelets few flowered 4-7mm long and nut ovoid. tufted herb with short erect glabrous stems less than 1m long. flexuouse with many branches often forming a tangled mass in moist shady places. landscaping: looks great under banksia or tall-medium shrubs, used extensively at Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island. sandy soil, in boggy, creek banks, wet cliffs, heath and open forest. Qld, NSW, Vic, Sa, Tas, NZ. last 3 photos by Totterdell C.