Mar 12, 2016

romantic grass of the week: Carex pumila (strand sedge) - a special grass in Japan and in Australia on coast from SA to Qld. in Port Phillip reserve, Melbs. Loosely tufted plant with long creeping rhizome. stems short barely exceeding leaf sheaths. this means the utricle spiky things are close to the ground. the leaves are 50cm x 5mm. inflflorescence with 3-6 spikes lowest brat exceeding infloresence. terminal spike male 2-4cm long, stalked. lower spikes 2-3cm long mainly or enireley female. female spikes 1.2 cm about twice as broad as males. utricle spkiy thing green to golden brown, thick and corky. nb. we have utricles in our ears!! found in moist depressions in coastal sand dunes.