Feb 13, 2016





Baloskion gracile (slender cord-rush) Herb with slender stems 50-100cm x 0.5-1.5mm crowded on rhizome root; leaf sheaths 20-30mm long pretty flush against the stem. spikelets in narrow inflorescences with bract exceeding the lowest spikelet. male spikelets 5-10mm long on slender sltalks, ellipsoid. female spikelets 6-16mm long, cylindrical, purplish, sessile. wet sandy peaty soils, swamps and sedgeland.. photos from royal national park and dharawal national park by John Tann. a supspecies occurs n Richmond, Agnes Banks, Castlereagh and Wyong where the bract on bottom of inlorescence, has its apex displaced by spikelets