Feb 15, 2016





romantic grass of the week: Chordifex dimorphus - this is a plant endemic only to the greater sydney area on the coast from Woy Woy to Cataract Dam. genus chordifex have collicuate seeds, see glossary below. stems 30-100cm long, divided near base into flexuouse branchlets, flowering branches extra flexi.  leaf sheaths 5-13mm long broad, loose, glabrous at maturity, brown. male spikelets numerous ovoid 4-6mm with 3-8 flowers; female spikelets few, narrrow with 1 flower and several barren glumes. grows on sandstone in shallw soils

glossary: A : colliculate B: muricate C: warty D: papillate E: glandular F: bullate G: wrinkled H: striate