April 16, 2014

romantic grass of the week: KIKUYU Cenchrus clandestinus or pennisetum clandestinum. TUFF AS NAILS, grass for after the moon eclipse. stoloniferous (spreads by creepers) and rhizomatous (spreads by underground creeepers,and any bit that gets chopped off). Culms prostrate,
3–15(–45) cm tall flat; Leaves: Bright green; folded
in bud; 7mm wide, 1-15cm long when mature, glabrous or slightly hairy, Spikelets are hiddenamong the leaves.
Fl owe r s /Se e d h e ads : Inconspicuous; may seemcovered in spidery threads of white filaments. perennial to 0.9 m high
is native to the region of East Africa that is home to the Kĩkũyũ tribe
Rooted nodes send up bunches of grass blades. This grass is the turf grass at Green Pigeon Hall, host to Frakreactor fests and is Pat O'Brien from AG Pick's favorite grass.

worth comparing with other african wide blade grass -