Feb 17, 2016



romantic grass of the week: Centrolepis fascicularis Perennial herb forming clumps to 8cm high and 12cm across. Leaves narrow-linear with blunt apex, 10-40, less than 1mm diameter, crowded. flower stalk different from leaf blade has furrows, cylindrical 2-6cm long.  flower is a pseudanthium like a sunflower (where one flower is actually made up of many tiny flowers with the ones on the edge of the inner disc also having a petal). C.fascicularis only has 2-4 female florets making its flower enclosed in bracts that are almost equal in lenght that either form an apex or awn and are hairy. Fasicularis from Latin, meainng bunched together. found in all states on coast and ranges but most common in NSW and Victoria, uncommon in other states. Sydney subspecies (pictured in middle) is tufted rather than clump or mat-forming and bract is short and pointy rahter than long and fine.