October 17, 2013

romantic grass of the week - this week the grass will get you high - phragmites australis (the common reed) - a perennial wetlands grass, spreads by runners..The leaves are long for a grass, 20–50 centimetres (7.9–20 in) and 2–3 centimetres (0.79–1.2 in) broad. The flowers are produced in late summer in a dense, dark purple panicle, about 20–50 cm long. Later the numerous long, narrow, sharp pointed spikelets appear greyer due to the growth of long, silky hairs. it occurs all across eastern australia.. and it is a pest in American wetlands as it secretes gallic acid which when combined with uv light is toxic to other aquatic plants. it takes two burns to get rid of this plant, coz its so strong.