Feb 18, 2016




romantic grass of the week: Juncus planifolius last seen juncus genus (J. prismatocarpus and J. uitatus) at Nov 13, 2015, Juncus genus are very stemmy rushes.  Here in Sydney the Juncus species are highly hybridised, and hard to identify. one a little easier identified is J. planifolius. its inflorescence is umbel like (terminal, diffuse or head-like) 3-12cm long, open; bract shorter than inflorescence, clustered at the apex of branches 8-30 per cluster, brown scaly tepal. seed capsule a bit longer than tepal, ellipsoid, shiny brown. tufted annual or shortly lived rush with cylindrical or slightly compresssed stems 10-60cm all and leaves shorter than stemms blade 5mm wide.sheath pale brown or pinkish.