Feb 22, 2015

If you are heading to the Prince Albert pool during the heatwave, you can find Dichelachne micrantha (short-haried plume grass) on the green roof meadow. culms/stems 30-95cm long. leaf blades 7-23cm long and 5mm wide. Panicle dense 3-19cm long 3-4cm wide. simple lateral branches. flowers 1-median dorsal awned.. fine, silky, tinged purple 15-20mm long. common in dry or wet sclerophyll forest. all states except NT.. Lil bro of Dichelachne crinita.. simliar but wider panicle, and shorter awns and much taller up to 1.5m. crinita comes from Latin verb 'crinio' cover with hair'. big bro is part of endangered eastern suburbs banksia scrub.