28 May, 2016

Romantic Grass of the Week: everyone likes grass that looks like a bad hair day, well how about the Pubic Hair Sedge- Caustis recurvata. Grows in open heath and dry open forest. Tufted plant with short rhizome, similar to last romantic grass of the week Caustis flexuosa.Distinguishing feature is the male and female solitary spikelets. the male spikelet is in short narrow clusters on erect branches. female spikelets are aon short stalks with numerous crowded, curved, coiled of flexuoase branchlets. pictured is the variation hirstuta, it has stouter stems (to 5mm) and is hairier than Qld and NSW Central tableland varieties. first photo from Alan Fairley and Philip Moores Native Plants of the Sydney Region, second photo from John Tann.