Feb 29, 2016

romantic grass of the week: Bolboschoenus caldwellii. For the leap year we have a romantic grass that is widespread (all states) but uncommon. another rush this time from bolboschoenus family.. means its more leafy than other rushes with leaves at base and at nodes on stems. stems are 3-angular and scabrous below inflourescence. inflorescence is terminal. the B.caldwellii has stems tufted 30-90cm x 1-3.5mm, with long keeled leaves, V-shaped in section 6-8mm wide. spikelets 1-3 on unequal eays and 3-6 in lower sessile cluster. there's a whorl or rosette of bracts surroundin g inflrorescence 5-20cm long. flowers with 2-fid style. nut pale or golden brown 4mm long, flat or depressed both faces. bristles deciuous, half as long as nut. found in boggy or preiodically wet ground beside creeks.. floweres anytime.  compare with July 4, 2013's entry Bolboschoenus fluviatilis.